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  1. Will These Fit My S-Max...?

    Hi guys I've bought an S-Max and a set of 18" alloys. Now I've found out the alloys are originally from a C-Max ('03-) and I want to make sure I can use them on my S-Max. The alloys are called "Ford C-Max 18" 5-spoke design Alloy Wheel" and they are 5x108 and the bolts go through the holes just fine. I tried fitting one on yesterday and drove a little with it, and it seemed ok. You can see the alloye here: http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_C-Max_18%22_5-spoke_design_Alloy_Wheel_-_2003_onwards_-_1593728_F1593728-218 The reason why I don't just put all on is because the mounted tires have load capacity 91, which doesn't fit S-Max, so these will need to be changed. Now alloy specs aren’t my strongest field, so I hope you can help me with advice on if these alloys be ok to my S-Max once I get the right tires on them? The specs of the tires currently on the alloys are: 235/40 R18 ET 55 91Y Bye the way a guy told me to fit 235/45 on instead. If you have any thoughts on that I’d be even happier? Thanks guys. Adam