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  1. Happy Birthday fiestatrix!

  2. Buckled Alloy Wheels

    Sorry guys my previous post was not meant to offend anybody, im not questioning anybody driving standards or the pride in their fiesta. I myself drive a fiesta and have had to replace a wheel through no fault of my own. i was just stating how warrenty claims work. Ford will not pay ifthey dont have to. The wheels are made from monkey metal and im sure they know that. Regards phil.
  3. Buckled Alloy Wheels

    Hi, i work for ford as a technician. And oh yeah we change loads of alloys. Ford cant replace these on warrenty because the only thing that Buckles the wheels is either bouncin up and down kurbs or potholes. Warrenty items cant be replaced if caused By impact damage.
  4. 195/50/15 Tyre Pressure?

    According to my ford technical data book a fiestas pressure on 195/50/15 should be 2.0bar/32psi for the front and 1.9bar/28psi for the rear. Regards, phil.
  5. cheers for the advice what size wheels mate

  6. id just downgrade wheel size, 17's might be putting the speedo out of sink aswell. saying its goin faster that it actually is.

  7. My Freestyle

    My fiesta freestyle on its holidays, went out, got muddy and then had a quick visit to the docks.