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  1. Missing under load.

    Is it a job to change the plugs ont he V6? I mean are they all easy to get to?
  2. Hi fellas, my 98 v6 is missing a little under load! When throttling it hard up through the box she missis at a little over 4K revs! Doesnt miss badly, and is a little slugish on the way up! This doesnt affect say to day driving at all but is giving me the hump when I want to drive a bit harder. Anyone any ideas> has been sudgested that it could be the coil pack? but i dunno! ;) as I aint to familier with the duratec. Any ideas fellas??
  3. V6 mondeo missing!

    Rev limiter? Didnt know it had one, and ideas how I disconect that then? lol
  4. Hi fellas, just picked up a manual 98 mondeo V6 GhiaX which Im prety pleased with. One thing I have noticed, when drivig it hard up throught the gears it starts to miss a few beats, almost starts missing! This only happens when you get close to the redline moving up the box, close to redline, starts mising! Totaly fine trrough the rest of the rev range though Any ideas fellas?
  5. hiya

    Hiya fellas, from sunny (with only 2 speed cameras in the whole city) Milton Keynes. ;)