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  1. middle lane drivers
  2. my light comes on intermittently. I've read elsewhere that its a case of disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Is this ok ? Has anybody else tried this ? The car runs fine btw . Just had it fully serviced - codes revealed a coolant and camshaft error - but no probs with car whatsoever ... they cleared the codes but they did say that if they come up again it would have to goto a robbing main dealer ... they want £120 just to plug it into a laptop !
  3. Morning, it was for the reason of being able to achieve 60mpgs that I bought my 1.6 tdci climate 06 back in Feb 2011 . It's now done 59k and after plenty of brim to brim calcs I cant more than 50mpgs ... and thats whether I driver like an old man or not. I'm happy with that after coming from a 1.8 petrol 2001 Zafira of 10 years doing only 35mpgs Plus very happy with only £95 road tax. Oh and I never believe the trip computer for the mpg ... but I do use it to try to adjust my fuel economy ... trying to edge up the average mpg on m'way runs.