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  1. I've actually hit the US EPA highway estimate of 38 MPG in my 2011 1.6L Manual. Around town, I'm getting between 30 and 32, and combined comes out at 35MPG. Important note: I'm not in the UK, so my fuel economy figures use US Gallons, not Imperial Gallons. In metric terms, I'm pulling down about 7.1L/100km. So I'm pretty pleased with the results. And I love my Fiesta. Another interesting side note: Americans favor automatic transmissions so much, that when I was shopping for my car I found only one with a manual transmission to test drive. Sadly, it wasn't the top trim level and it was a sedan, so I ordered mine from the factory.
  2. I haven't driven a car yet where I don't grind the gears half the time getting into reverse. Back-up gear is never sychromeshed, so I just throw it into first, then reverse. And I don't have to roll the car forward to do it, either. Works like a charm.
  3. Since buying it new in June of this year, I haven't had a single fault. I've racked up about 6200 miles on the clock (US miles), and I'm due for my first service at 7,500. I love this little car, it's been a peach of a ride!
  4. Had my Mk VII since June, and I've been pretty consistently turning in 30-31 MPG...but US gallons, not imperial.
  5. Mother's car care products must not be available in the UK, but here in the States, I swear by their cleaner/polish/carnuba was trio. They also have something call Showtime Instant Detailer that's great for sprucing up the slickness of a recent wax job.
  6. Probably the same place that has your missing socks ;)
  7. I recommend taking the car to a Ford garage. The techs there will probably be able to fix the problem quickly, and likely under warranty.
  8. The Escape and the Edge are unrelated. The Escape is a compact "cute ute", while the Edge is a mid-sized crossover. Actually, they're both crossovers. I rented an Escape in Hawaii a couple of years ago, and it wasn't horrible, except like all CUVs it was too damned high off the ground. The Escape is built on a platform co-developed with Mazda. Now that Ford and Mazda have gone their separate ways, it's rumored that the next gen Kuga will also be our next gen Escape. Personally, I approve of Ford merging replacing the models built on Mazda-designed platforms with those based on European designs.