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  1. Software Updates?

    Hi White, There was no charge today as we went in to have the "buzzing" fixed which was done under warranty. It sounded very much as if software updates would be applied any time your car was being worked on by the dealer i.e. also at MOTS, servicing or repair. We still have a niggle as speakers still seam to be powered but havent sat in the car long enough to figure out if the power is killed off after a few minutes when ignition is off.I know they didnt have much to do really but fair play to Evans Halshaw, Hull, they just got on with it without any queries which was nice. I would love to have a list of the "firmware" updates for the car to know when and what was released. I will try find them but dont fancy my chances as presumably it will be internal ford knowledge only.
  2. Software Updates?

    Hi guys, More a general wondering question rather than anything important but, I took the car in to the dealer to sort another problem as documented in another post. The dealer had to delay fixing the car while their systems were being updated for the new car software update from HQ which he informs me was only released this morning. I hadnt really appreciated revisions to software really but does anyone have any experience or knowledge of updates to date and what they all changed? I assume it would be tweeks to various things, for instance he hoped the one he was to install to the car today would fix the constantly on airsensor fan. Just wondering what else may be played with? Cheers
  3. 59 Plate Mk7 Titanium - Queires

    Hi all, Just a quick update for all those following. Took it to the dealer this morning and immediately the chap said it was the airsensor fan catching on the trim as appears elsewhere on the forum. He mentioned it was common but hadnt experienced it as loud as in our car. Firstly he was to implement a software update to see if that kills it both while in the car and when locked (it wont shut down at present). Then he is to remove the trim and remount the fan and/or replace depending on whether it is faulty or not. Lets hope it works. Will find out in a few hours. Interestlingly they are also doing their "free" check to make sure everthing is ok with the car. I am hoping they wont find a whole load of chargeable work they thinks need doing!
  4. More First Timer Queries

    Good good. Thanks for that. One less thing
  5. Hi guys, Still coming with queries as get familiar with the car Does the central console display always default back to/show the settings icon ? I dont understand why it is on constantly. It doesnt get mentioned as always in in the manual. Of couse, if I have the radio on,cd on etc it shows the relevant icon but always defaults to settings despite not being selected. Is this normal? Please put my mind at rest. The buzzing problem with speakers constantly on is enough at the moment :(
  6. 59 Plate Mk7 Titanium - Queires

    Hi guys, Again, thanks for all the responses. We drove in this morning without the aircon on, was a little warm but I think the clicking is related and something we will have to live with. May ask the dealer though just incase. The buzz however is something strange. It just doesnt seam to go off even when the car is left unoccupied. Anyway, it is booked in next week so will report what the dealer says Cheers
  7. 59 Plate Mk7 Titanium - Queires

    I knew joining was a good idea. Been doing some research. Some similar issues here here and here. Somethings for the dealer to go at.
  8. 59 Plate Mk7 Titanium - Queires

    Hi guys, Thanks for your comments. Trying to figure it all out and its very annoying. Its definitely electrical and we have narrowed the noise to just below/behind the radio. The pitch of the buzz alters when the heated windscreen or rear window is enabled so it must be a circuit drawing power constantly. Sat in the car for over five minutes with everything locked and off and the buzz doesnt dissipate. Have been for drive with aircon off, aircon on normal and on full. Buzz still there. I have a feeling a visit to the dealer may be required :(
  9. Hi guys, Hate to ask questions so early once joining a new forum (only just posted in the new member section!), but I dont suppose I will learn about the Fiesta any other way. As my new member post says, we have just picked up the above car in a 1.4. It appears to drive fine and everything but a couple of things are causing concern. Firstly, there is a constant clicking noise, not loud and I cannot pin point exactly when it happens or where from in the car. Its not apparent when momentum changes so sounds like a mechanical click rather than items moving and crashing together. I have done some research and note some odd comments about the aircon unit having an elecromagnetic clutch which may click loudly enough to here but other than that come up a bit short of answers. Does anyone have any ideas? I havent had chance to read too many posts on here but is the click a common thing? Secondly, even with the keys removed and all electrical items turned off, there is a constant whining which I think is best described as an electrical buzz coming from the central console. I dont want to start removing fuses just yet but is there anything fairly common out there that may explain this? I dont like the idea of a constant battery drain or a problem. Lastly, the cooling fan seams to be in use very often. Its a nice sunny day but by no means very warm, yet when the girlfriend started up and pulled away the fan noise was very loud. It was clearly the working noise of the fan at full spin just struck me as odd. The car shouldnt be overly hot although. I had only done sub 7 miles before a 20 minute park up then a further couple of miles. The seven miles may have been in some reasonable traffic though but I would expect the engine to start cooling in the twenty minutes/half hour it was off. Again, is the fan kicking in quite a common thing for me to be aware of? Cheers guys.
  10. Hi Guys and Gals Thought would say hi. Just picked up the above on a 59 plate. Its the girlfriends car but I drive it weekly. Had it less than a week and I have only driven it a couple of times but so far liking it very much apart from a few issues that I will ask advice on in the appropriate section. The girlfriend has come from a 2003 1.2 Corsa so quite a change and with a few more goodies to keep her happy. I'm quite a regular poster over on z4-forum.com and hope to be here also. May take me a while before I know anything about the Fiesta though! If your forum is anything similar, I expect pictures will be required ;) Will follow with these once I have had chance to detail the car (why do dealers do such a poor job?!). In the mean time, this is my daily driver if anyone is interested PICTURES OF THE Z I came from a 1998 1.8 3 Door focus which is also pictured just before I sold it on.