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  1. Focus and gear problems!!

    Thankyou very much. I had everything checked yesterday and was told the geer box is fine and the gear oil is fine too...so maybe focus's just have tighter gears compared to a renault clio, where my gears just slipped in and out very easily. Thanks for your advise
  2. Hello...I am a new owner of a ford focus 2002 1.4 and ever since I have had it, I have had problems!! 1st I had to pay £120 for a indicator problem, then 2nd had to pay £370 for a new clutch yesterday! Although half I will get back from the warranty people!! Previously I owned a renault clio and gears were so easy to move....however this focus has quite stiff gears, and finds it a little difficult to get from 2nd into 3rd gear. I was told this would improve after the clutch had been fitted...but it hasn't!!! Is this normal with focus's? As I wish I had not brought the damm thing now! Also, when I first start the car the car makes VOOM VOOM VOOM, and the RPM needle goes up and down!....Is this normal as well....as once again the clio never done this........I feel I've been conned! Thanks