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  1. Hi There, Fusebox Problem!

    Thanks alz, no fuse in number 50, but popped one in and they now work. Cheers, much appreciated.
  2. Hi There, Fusebox Problem!

    Its really bugging me, think a trip to the garage is in order. not this side of payday though... lets hope it doesnt rain
  3. Hi There, Fusebox Problem!

    Thanks Lenny, but as i said the fusebox is completely different it goes from 37-86... veryyy confused :(
  4. Hi There, Fusebox Problem!

    Hi there. I have a mk2 56 plate focus titanium, and the windscreen wipers stopped working yesterday. The day before however I changed the fuse for the power socket. I only managed to this after trowling through the internet finding which fuse it was, as the fusebox in my owners manual is completely different to the actual one in my car. I cannot find out which fuse is the one for the wipers though, the fusebox in my passenger footwell runs from 37 to 86 however the manual runs from about 100 and something onwards and the diagram is completely different too. Can anyone help me out as to which fuse im looking for as Id rather not fork out for a new motor if it is just the fuse? any help will be much appreciated. Thanks :)