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  1. well i didnt even get chance to get it fixed , as it has gone completely today , wouldnt reverse then transmission malfunction message appeared and now it wont even start , so its looking like a very expensive fix is on the cards !!
  2. there is no way on earth i would be able to do any of that myself lol , but would i have to take it to the ford main dealer to get it fixed? and how much is it likely to cost to get the actuator replaced?
  3. the last couple of days i have noticed an intermittent problem with the gear change on my fusion, when changing up into 3rd gear in auto mode the engine revs as if its slipped out of gear and the car slows down then its fine , it doesnt happen every time and apart from that the car is running fine , there are no warning lights showing on the dash either , anyone any idea what it could be ???
  4. Fusion Stereo

    could anyone tell me where the fuse is for the stereo , and what number it is, am i right in thinking its behind the glove box? my stereo has stopped working altogether one day it was fine the next day nothing no lights nothing , i presume its the fuse otherwise i have no idea