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  1. Front Brakes Binding (Help)

    To be honest I don't know! This is the first set of pads on the car, at 43000, they mentioned the possibly the discs. I am taking it to another garage to get a second opinion, and see what they say, to be honest if they need replacing then so be it, it would be a no brainer not to change all in one go.
  2. Front Brakes Binding (Help)

    Thanks Tony, I am asking because it seems really strange that in a space of 10hrs a problem arises, I'm gonna change the pads anyway as it really makes sense as they are vital piece of the car.
  3. Front Brakes Binding (Help)

    Hi Tony I thought it might be that! at first, so had them check it out, they put it on the jack and the back ones spin loosely whilst the front ones run a lot tighter and slow really quickly. .
  4. HI all I took my car into Rates (Grays) yesterday 6/9/13 for its annual service and was told the front discs need replacing and the pads were 80 - 90% worn. The issue is now the car feels as if its towing a anchor, which was not the problem before it went in, I took it back and the technican said its becase the pads are so worn that there now sticky, I personally think they have done something? as they were fine before they touched the car. Does anyone know if I am being feed aload of waffle? or can this happen? PS. I know they have touched the braking system as the hand brake is now back to full lock on 3 notches.
  5. Sainsburys Diesel Poor Mpg

    I use to fill up at my local Morrisons but once I visited my local Esso as they price mach the morrisons garage, I have not gone back not only do I get an extra 4mpg but the car is so much more responsive. :)
  6. I currenlty get 59.9mpg according to the computer it reached 60mpg but I have a heavy right foot, this is with roof bars on and I have fitted a K&N air filter fitted. not sure if this is good for my car. Its a 1.6TDCI 09 plate
  7. Ford Escort 1.6 Finesse (2000) Vibration At 60+Mph

    I had this on my Fiesta, and it turned out the wheels were not balanced
  8. Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I get 55mpg out of my diesel 1.6 but I do have the roof rack fitted, Im sure I could get a few more if I drove better