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  1. Brake System Error

    I'm sorry mate, I got rid of the car before I had chance to fix it.
  2. Mk 5 Double Din Or Tablet Mount

    Those Brodit mounts are awesome. I've decided to get a decent head unit and Bluetooth my phone to that. But get another phone and connect it with one of those Brodit Mounts and Bluetooth the OBD2 reader to that and have Torque Pro running on that. Has anyone used the Molex connector on the Brodit mount? Next question, Can anyone recommend a decent head unit? I was looking at the JVC - KD90BT, and putting a USB hub in the space under the stereo. I've not even bought the car and I've got most of the interior planned LOL
  3. Mk 5 Double Din Or Tablet Mount

    Hi there, I'm just trying to find out whether anyone has managed to fit a Double Din head unit into their MK5? Failing that, has anyone managed to get a decent android tablet mount? I know theres loads on eBay, but I was after something that looked built in. If neither of these are possible, has anyone had any experience with car P.C.s in their MK5? Thanks in advance guys,
  4. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    Lol I was hoping to put an android touchscreen in and have Torque Pro running. Gutted.
  5. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    It looks a bit smaller than double I think. Which is annoying lol
  6. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    Cheers for the reply Nathan. Yeah, it's the 1.6 I was looking at. The 2K is just for the car, I'm expecting a bit of change but for the right car I'd pay the right money. I've not really got a budget for the head unit, I'm prepared to spend decent money though. I was hoping to get an android powered one and run Spotify and Torque Pro straight from the dash. That way, when connected by Bluetooth I can stash my phone away whilst it's charge and run everything direct from the head unit. Hopefully I can find a good way to install controls on the steering wheel too, although that's definitely a low priority.
  7. Hi guys, I've just sold my 09 plate Fiesta Style. I'm looking at replacing it with a MK5 Zetec S, with a budget of £2000 I should be able to pick up a decent one. Sadly as I'm going on a "holiday" for four months to the Middle East next week I'll have to wait till Sept to actually buy it, which is a right bummer as I've spotted some perfect ones which will have well gone by then. My questions are, is the head unit Double Din? And if so are there any recommendations for a decent unit? I was looking at the Android tablet style ones, has anyone used one yet? And secondly, has anyone installed steering wheel audio controls? Cheers in advance guys,
  8. Haynes Online Manuals

    I'm tempted to buy one just to see if it can be done. Although it's probably cheaper and less hassle to just buy one off eBay and scan it.
  9. Haynes Online Manuals

    Has anyone tried these yet? Is there anyway to download them?
  10. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    I'm deffo going to spend the extra money and get a Phase 2 then. Just need to buy the ting now, which I can't do till September as I'm away for 4 months soon.
  11. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    Thats a well good page. Do you know if the difference between the PH 1 and 2 is that much of an issue. All I can find is PH 1s, well going by the wheels anyway.
  12. Thinking Of Buying A Mk 5 Zetec S

    Cool, cheers for that. I'm not bothered about spending some cash but I don't want to buy a pup.
  13. Hi there, Ever since the Mrs learnt to drive and commandeered my MK7 I've been toying with the idea of getting a MK5 Zetec S. Is there anything in particular to look out for with them? It will be the first second hand car I've actually ad to buy privately so I'm pretty wet behind the ears. Thanks
  14. New Stereo Released!

    So, what's the best alternative for an 09 Fiesta then? Is there a decent website to goto?
  15. New Stereo Released!

    Any more developments on this stereo? I'm very interested in getting one of these.