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  1. the ones on the indicator stalk? I will have to add a wire, instructions say from a donor block, I get one from the scrappy.
  2. Not bad, I installed a computer into my previous car (as in carputer running windows). I'll see what I can do ;)
  3. this link seems to think you can do it: is it legit? Sorry, don't mean to doubt you. I bought the computer, indicator stalk and surround for £36, so no big loss.
  4. ok, gave it a bit more force and it came out. Counted the wires.... only 8 =( Does this mean I can't do it? or I can with a lot of wiring? If it's possible, had anyone got a guide or something?
  5. Computer came today, at 7:35am (which obviously I missed because I was snoring). I'm going to collect it on Monday. But in the meantime curiosity got the better of me and I thought I'd look at the indicator stork. But could get it out... I popped the top cover off the steering wheel, pushed the clip at the top right of the stalk, and from my knowledge it should lift straight up. Am I missing something?
  6. I ordered a kit yesterday. I'll look for the plug later. If not, I'll be doing lots of wiring >_>
  7. It's going to be my new project, easy or not I don't mind. I just need to know if it will work with the ebay kit? I've been doing a bit of reading around and it sounds like some cars, mostly earlier models have the wire loom already installed.
  8. Hi, I was wondering what to do with the useless pocket next to the steering wheel when I came across this: I have a Ford Focus 2003 1.8 TDCI (115ps) Zetec. Has anyone fitted this before? or know any 'friendly' guides to installing? and what I need to do it? This is what I have so far: 'unfriendly' guide - ebay kit? - what do you guys think? Cheers
  9. Hi, I'm thinking of tinting the windows on my 2003 Ford Focus Zetec TDCI, however I don't know what percentage I can go up to. I know that the front windows must let at least 70% of light through. And after reading around, the right percentage is also affected by what tint is already on the window. So I'm wondering if anyone has any experience on this? What would be a safe percentage to go for? How much would it cost to be professional done? Is it worth it? Thanks JM
  10. Hi, Basically I'm looking to install a 4 channel Amp under the drivers seat. I have a power distribution block under the back seats and will soon install a ground box. RCA cables run down the passenger side. So what I'm looking to do is run power/ground/RCA from back seats to Amp. I then want to run the speaker cables from the HU down the drivers side to the Amp. Has anyone ran cables down the drivers side? and have a guide? Or would it be easier to run it down the passenger side round the back seats and to the Amp? Thanks JM
  11. I think it will be fine. I had the same setup/equipment in my old fiat brava and it was ok. If it does struggle I'll do the big 3. If it still struggles I'll think about a new alternator and battery.
  12. ok, just found out the rear speakers are in the doors >_> does anyone know where the easiest place is to get access to these wires? Thanks
  13. Hi, Basically I'll say what I was planning and say where I need help. I am open to new ideas. So what I was planning was: Run a 0AWG power cable from battery to distribution box either under passenger seat or more likely under the back seats. Run power cable from box to sub. Earth will either be in the boot or I've heard the passenger seatbelt bolt is a good place (what do you think?) (For now) run Hi-Low converter from back speakers to sub amp. Remote from stereo down the drivers side (if anyone has a link for how to wire this would great) Near Future plans: Wire a small computer under the passenger seat. VGA cable and USB to head unit. Audio cable to sub in boot and amp under drivers seat. USB to hub in glove box. Wire a 4 channel amp under the drivers seat. All speaker cables from HU down drivers side to Amp along with remote wire. So, what do you guys think? I have found a guide for power cable to boot. But nothing for wiring down the drivers side. Has anyone got a link for this? Thanks JM