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  1. Hi, We purchased a used Galaxy a couple of months ago now. After the first few days it wouldn't start first time, the engine would turn over, but wouldn't fire. There was no pattern to it, it could be from cold, when it had been used, while on a flat surface, on a hill. Once it did start (which could take 2 goes and at max 5 goes) it was fine. No cutting out, smooth running. Took it back to the dealer we got it from, there were no fault codes and they have replaced the Fuel Filter and fuel filter housing, but it cut out on them the day it was meant to come back to us. They have now changed the crank shaft sensor and are unsure still if this has fixed the problem, but we are having the car back to at least try it and see if it happens again. Anyway, has anyone had this problem or know what it might be. Feels like it is going to happen again, but just a case of when really! Thanks :)
  2. Just wanted to update on the buzzing for anyone else who may get this in the future. Took it to my local ford dealer, who were very good. Apparently it needed a software update... Buzzing is now gone :) Loving my New Fiesta!
  3. I have just got my new Fiesta, but there seems to be an odd buzzing coming from the dash of the car once it has been uesed. It carries on even once the ignition is turned off and even if I lock myself in it. However, if you go back to the car after a couple of hours it has gone..... Anyone had this or know what it is please?
  4. I have just collected my 09 plate Fiesta Titanium and was disappointed to find that it didn't have bluetooth? Is this the case on the earlier model as the Current Ford Brochure say it is a standard feature on the titanium.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to the club and am very excited about picking up my 09 plate Ford Fiesta 1.6L Titanium in Hot Magenta today. I have been driving for about 20 years now and this is my first Ford. I am looking forward to a long and happy driving experience with my new purchase :)