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  1. Sourcing Suppliers so i can start selling Replica Wheels ;)

  2. Nit long went to Brixton, Foot Locker was the worse shop done all burnt down. Now on my way to North London.

  3. Going out in abit to Croydon :D

  4. Riot supposed to be hitting Redhill tonight, wonder what state Redhill will be in tomorrow.

  5. Must get myself to Brixton Foot Locker, JD Sports and all the top shops, Sale on today Help Your Self :D

  6. Weeeyyyyyyyy picking my other car up today (Smokey) and will be driving on Thursday :D

  7. Black Iphone4 32gb For Sale box included £350 please PM for more info and pictures if you wish

  8. Have two Continental Contact 3 Tyres For sale 265/35/98Y/19 both have about 2mm and 3mm of tread, Legal amount 1.6mm.These Tyres are £280 NEW each im wanting £50 perfect for a track day :D

  9. Detailing the BMW M3 tomorrow before she gets shipped to Thailand :D will update with pictures ;)

  10. Dakar M3 being shipped to Thailand now on the hunt for another car plus another car to turn in for track use ;)

  11. Driving lesson today :) and will soon be on the road too with my custom L plates what got made :D

  12. Hitting Wimbledon Car Auctions today :)

  13. On my way to UKMODDED Cruise for Heroes (Bexhill) and damn that R8 looks lovely in the mirror ;) Fast Car attending tonight too :D

  14. oh yes, the age 16, such a tragic time! haha..

    a whole year to grow some sense, awesome !! :)

    Ive added you, im fugly just saying haha :)