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  1. I had a very similar problem with my old mk1 facelift. Take out your high-level brake light (think it has 2 torx screws) and you'll probably see straight away where the small hose has disconnected from the brake light unit. A little bit of tape on the hose after you've reconnected it should prevent you having to do this again in the near future. Hope that helps you out. Let me know how you get on.
  2. My dealer told me she had put £20 in the tank before I picked the car up. She wasn't sure I'd believe her because the fuel warning light was still on after she'd done it. At least I know when the light goes on in future there's still at least £20 in the tank. Mmmm, very nice. Paul (2011fiesta) is absolutely right, EVERYTHING else can wait. Get out and drive it. (and let us know what you think) :)
  3. 215/55 (Continentals)
  4. Glad I didn't get that then. ;) Where did you hear that it sucks?
  5. Sounds really nice. Looking forward to pics.
  6. Nice. What engine/colour/optional packs etc did you go for?
  7. My mistake. Sorry about that.
  8. Thanks. I didn't know that. It just gets better all the time. :)
  9. This might help -
  10. I have used it quite a lot already and it's pretty good. It certainly understands me with my distinctive accent better than the Mercedes understood Clarkson's 'normal' accent on last Sunday's TG. I've paired up phones, made calls, changed CD tracks, tuned the radio and fiddled with the climate control without any problems. I also like the 'help' command which gives you a list of your current options (incase you forget them) without having to consult the manual. For example, if you flick the voice button and say help it tells you your options include 'climate', 'cd player', 'phone' etc. then once you select one, let's say 'cd player', you can say help again and it'll list available options at that stage of the menu system like 'shuffle', 'play track #' and so on. Very handy when you're on the move and reading the instruction manual is out of the question. Demisting via voice control is excellent too. Instead of turning several dials and pushing buttons only to have to do the same in reverse once the windows have cleared I just flick the voice button and say 'climate', then 'demist on', then a few seconds later 'climate', 'demist off' and the job is done without taking my hands off the wheel or my eye off the road. This is the first car I've had with voice control and I have to say I'm more impressed than I thought I'd be.
  11. The good thing is all the buttons don't get in the way of just driving the thing. I haven't once accidentally pressed something when I didn't want to.
  12. Added a few night pics to my gallery.
  13. From the album Mk3 Focus Titanium

  14. From the album Mk3 Focus Titanium

  15. From the album Mk3 Focus Titanium