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  1. Common Ka Flood In The Footwell

    I have got a problem with my heater in my KA and was told that it is caused by an airlock that should - hopefully - clear itself but to look out for flooding in the footwell because this could mean a bigger problem - cant remember what he said because I'm clueless as well! So get your heater checked - does your heater work okay?
  2. Hi, can anyone help me. I have got an airlock that is stopping the heat coming through in my car - so the mechanic told me. I had a new part fitted - cant remember what its called - to resolve the problem of having no heat - at a cost of £48 - and still got none because of this airlock. Not happy and very cold!
  3. Ka Sport Radio

    4GET 2 SAY M002032 IS SERIAL NO.
  4. Ka Sport Radio

    Ta 4 that answr - only just looked on here agn now. Have got radio out and 1 of the wires was loose so attached an now need code.
  5. Ka Sport Radio

    the security tab was missing - got a new 1 and fitted that - was told thats al it needed but cudnt c it as no lite cumin on on radio an stil not - help xx
  6. Ka Owners Manual

    this link is not working - do u hav aniotha 1 ta
  7. Ka Sport Radio

    Does any1 no wr I can get manual 4 my car radio. just bought and no manuals at all with it and radio not working. Sick of searching internet!! Ta x