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  1. hey lads n lasses just a quick question, in my mk 3 mondy for some reason every now and again its blowing a fuse. the trip counter goes blank, the rev needle drops and the radio goes off. the radio wont come back on as the fuse blows in the glove box but after a few seconds of all this happening the trip counter come back on and the rev needle picks up. some times i replace the fuse its lasts weeks/months then others like today it blew 2 in a couple mins? ? ? any ideas as to why this may be happening?
  2. hey u lot, i have a mk3 2ltr tdci mondeo ghia x which i bought mainly to try save on fuel but i cant seem to get my mpg to budge from 36 no matter how steady or how hard i drive. Im sure im doin more than that although my maths is rubbish but its always backof my mind and bugging me. Any ideas? thanks craig
  3. Parking Sensors

    hey people i have a mk3 ghia x which hasnt got parking sensors in the rear bumper. i know cheap home kits can be bought but i was looking for a factory look. any ideas how and where i could get this done? Would it be easier to buy the sensors + wiring and a rear bumper with the holes already in it spray it up and have the sensors fitted? thanks craig
  4. My Mondy

  5. Mondeo Mk4 Fuel consumption

    hey peoples, i currently have a mk3 mondy and i cant get the MPG any higher than 37 no matter what road im on country or motorway! Something must be wrong surly, i see people selling ST TDCIs and getting 45-50. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated