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  1. Hi all, Ive got a 2011 Ford Fiesta TDCI Zetec S and its due for its 1st ever service within the next month. To keep the warranty in order i know it has to use genuine Ford parts and a certain make of oil. Ford tend to charge a fortune for servicing but are there other places i can take it to keep the warranty valid? Or is it not recommended, or maybe better to see a Ford stamp in the log book for future sale of the car. Seen websites like servicingstop that say they use genuine Ford parts but im abit unsure. Thanks
  2. Fuel In Oil Warning Light

  3. Fuel In Oil Warning Light

    So it can wait till its serviced then?
  4. Fuel In Oil Warning Light

    Sorry if this has been posted before but i did a search and as you cannot search for OIL as theres not enough letters it was abit of a pain. Ive had my 2011 TDCI Zetec S for 9 months now and just clocked 6500 miles. Just had a warning light pop up an oil can with a wavy line underneath in orange. Checked the manual and it says its fuel in the oil. Also at the same time though was a message saying 'Change oil at the next service' or something similar. Now should i get this checked out or just wait until ive had the car 1 year and take it for its 1st service?? thanks
  5. Ive driven from Manchester to the Lake District and Manchester to Ipswich and the next day im dead. My missus the same in the passenger seat as well. My old Megane with lumbar support i could drive for 5hours non stop and feel great
  6. Had my 2011 Zetec S TDCI for 3 months now and done 2800 miles. Ive done a couple of decent distance drives in it between 150-230 miles and when i got out of the car my whole body just ached. Anyone else feel like ride/seats are not comfy for long distance??? My old Megane was heaven for long drives
  7. Only had my brand new Fiesta since July and already the rubber on the doors is coming away. Looked a 2 others before i bought it and both were the same.
  8. Ridiculous Insurance Quotes..

    Damn insurance companies. Im with Admiral on a multi car policy and it runs out in Sept and they want an extra £190 compared to last year. £580 fully comp with 4 years NCB. Been driving for 20 years but lost my NCB because i went travelling for 3 years and wasnt driving.
  9. Ridiculous Insurance Quotes..

    Wow really. Im suprised mine is so low with the area i live in. Right next to Wythenshawe on the outskirts of Manchester which used to have the largest council house estate in europe.Only 2 miles from Moss Side and all the crappy areas around it.
  10. Fiesta Mk 7 Tdci Zetec S Storage Compartments??

    Thanks for that. Yeah i read up on the secret hole but didnt think its worth causing any damage to a new car especially for such a tiny compartment. Guess i will just have to minimise what i carry in the car.Shame the glovebox is so tiny. Barely fit my manual and sat nav in it. The Megane was insane for compartments. There were 2 decent sized secret ones under the driver and passengers feet that lifted up. The glovebox was HUGE and you could fit a box with sandwiches in and a couple of bottles of drink. There was also a vent you could open and close for aircon to cool things. Then the armrest in the centre and also an armrest on each door had a lift up compartment too as well as side pockets. Stored more !Removed! than in my house hahaha
  11. Ridiculous Insurance Quotes..

    If there are 2 or more cars in your household look into Admiral's Multi Car Policy. Me and my missus saved at least a couple of hundred quid doing it this way and you both still get no claims
  12. Hi all first post and just picked up my new TDCI Zetec S after trading in my Renault Megane. Ive had a quick look inside the car but compared to the Megane it seems very light in storage compartments. Can squeeze a few bits in the glove box but are there any others??? As im a complete fool who has a habit at pulling at things that shouldnt be pulled and tend to go SNAP i didnt want to risk it. Ive noticed there looks like something under the steering wheel and also to the right of the steering wheel under where you switch the lights on.But if they are for storage do you pull them up,down or press them?? Help a fool out Cheers