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  1. Ford Focus Mk1 Common Problems Thread

    Is "pinging" "pinking" a common problem on focus mk1 ? if so how do i solve it? will a low octane fuel additive work? or will the ECU need to be checked out (which will put the car off the road for at least a week) be worth doing ? mines a 2003 model is it worth it or do i just live with it?
  2. need a clutch change soon on my focus 2003 50.000 miles (supposedly) getting prices of just under £500 from halfords and an independent garage............. the garage says its labour charges are £75 inc vat per hour how long do you think a clutch and slave cylinder should take to change ive read on these forums its like 2 hours as its easy but had others say 4-5 hours?
  3. seems like i will need a new clutch sooner or later didnt notice it at the time having driven an auto for the past 5 years seems to be biting late ......i guess theres no ajustment on these mk 1 focus is there? its supposedly done 45.000 F.S.H. can anyone recommend an independent chain or independant garages in the south east to do the work and also what am i likely to pay for this? THANKS!! read about someone here saying that its relatively simple to d.i.y has anyone done this?