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  1. Fault located. The blue wire which I think goes to purple control switch has rubbed against bodywork causing it to short. Once fixed , all working properly. Happened near to nearside headlight.
  2. As the previous poster said this is very easy to do. Ive done it on mine. No issues and well worth the spend for the diagnostics you can do with the software and elm.
  3. Possibly wiring loom corrosion?
  4. Actually, just realised its only 9 years. Yes I do hit pot holes but must have been lucky. Get great mileage from the tyres still. Will pay to do alignment if it goes as the saving on tyres is well worth it.
  5. What are your impressions now after having it for a few weeks
  6. Yeah, the light does that. No harm in changing the battery anyway.
  7. Did you have any issues when driving? Mine fault can occur when stationary at junctions.
  8. Sounds like the same issue. Battery checked out fine but I had been having charge issues due to faulty fan sensor leaving fan on. Might be worth giving then change of battery a try.
  9. Best to go with the full fat version!!!!
  10. I had 4 wheel alignment completed after 12 months from New, 14 years ago. They were out by loads. I've never had to have tracking done again and my tyre wear was much better. Best £60 I ever spent.
  11. Anyone????
  12. I cut a coke can into bigger washers which I folded double. Did the trick and don't corrode.
  13. There is an intermittent issue with my 05 2.0tdci diesel. Occasionally when I got to pull off, the engine splutters and dies. Often the red dash light is flashing. There is an intermittent signal fault reading for passive anti theft and if I take keys out of ignition for 5 seconds it clears and starts no issue. Any idea of what has gone that I need to fix? Thanks
  14. I've cleared the faults and its stopped. Don't know whether it's a temp fix or not.
  15. No dpf is fitted. I take it's likely to be the coolant thermostat as the dash displays engine temp correctly.