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  1. Focus 1.6Tdci Problem

    Not much to go on but could likely be fuel restriction in the filter.
  2. Loads Of Problems

    I agree, faulty cluster. The boot button, no central locking, and the heater problem sounds like water in the GEM module. Which would explain the water in the footwell.
  3. 60 Plate Mondeo Stereo

    theres probably a software update, take it to a dealer
  4. Ford Mondeo Mk3 Advice

    hi, never worked on a tddi but i wouldnt recommmend the tdci. usual faults are turbo, injectors, dual mass flywheel. all very expensive stuff. how about a focus petrol?
  5. Focus Electrical Problems

    isnt the gem module on the passenger side under the glove box? nothing will bw damaged if you unplug it, you might lose radio code though.