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  1. Has anyone got installed the Ford branded sat nav system in there new model focus. IM looking to buy the new model with all the gadgets I can but not sure what the sat nav is like compared to the stand alone models from garmin and tom tom. Any advice or views would be great Pete
  2. Hi there. Did you get the Pioneer F9220BT system? Im looking at one right now and was wondering what you think of it so far
  3. Hi there The system was professionaly installed. They are a good company too never had a problem before. The FM presets are the prblem where as the AM presets are fine, kind of wierd i thought.
  4. Hi everyone, Ive recently put the In Phase IPX FD1 head unit into my focus 2008 MY. Its a great unit and looks almost identical to the ford unit. I am having problems with the FM stations staying stored and the radio constantly searching, the AM is fine and all the other bits and pieces are awesome especially the sat nav. If you have one of these do you know of a fix as im being told by in phase they are working on it, problem is this is my 2nd unit in 3 months now. CHEERS Pete
  5. Hi everyone, Just a quickie to introduce myself to the forums etc........ Just got myself a 2008 Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 Tdci, had a number of Fords before such as the Fiesta, Escort, Mondeo, loved them all. Eneded up moving to a Jag X Type about 3 years ago, before coming back to Ford again. Looking forward to many miles of good motoring from now on. Cheers Pete