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  1. Kuga LED Light upgrade

    Your car will have DRL halogen. So ideally adding the Strips below maybe a better option. So not sure it will be a straight plug and play. As the X model has the LED strip and beam bending.
  2. Side running bars

    interested to see how they attach to the car?
  3. Sync 3 add back up camera

    Done some research so far and some products. Awaiting compatibility?
  4. technology driving me mad

    Vote 🤥 Who's bored of this led topic? Likes please..
  5. technology driving me mad

    🤣😂 grown men debating about LED lights...
  6. New to Kuga

    Hello and welcome 👍😊
  7. 2017 kuga questions ? Lights and bonnet bra ?

    Couldn't find any protectors for 2017 model.
  8. Reverse Camera

    Awesome keep the thread updated and pics. I'd like to add front and rear cameras for sure !
  9. Hello has anyone experienced concerns with headlights and tail lights with condensation ? Reading online and handbook it suggests it would dry out within 48 hours however mine haven't. Ive tried with the hose pipe to check for ingress but appears when I dry the vehicle. What are your thoughts ? No heat generated inside as they are LED projection lights etc... Also trying to locate a bonnet projector or bra ? Retailers ?
  10. Reverse Camera

    Hope you win. How will you interface with the new sync 3 system?
  11. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Great work Alan, Where did you get your taillights from ? Thanks Pat
  12. Has anyone successful upgrade their kuga to have pfm? Also anyone fitted a bonnet protector ? lastly DRL just ordered a set off eBay. Easy to fit ?
  13. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    How do you fit a reversing camera to the sync2 system ?
  14. Sync2 Satnav Upgrade

    Any success or update?
  15. Reversing camera / sensor question

    Any joy Tezza? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC