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  1. I agree with James but.................'s certainly worth using a cleaner like BG244 first just in case it's something that can be cured without expensive treatment. For example the old MK3 Mondeo TDCI was well known for its cold weather blues and there are countless people who reported smoke and shuddering etc and it was usually down to needing a clean out of the fuel system. When I had it with my old TDCI I used BG244 and the symptoms stopped and never came back. The car would cough out smoke in the morning and shudder bordering on stalling. I used it once a year after that. You can get microscopic particles or glazing in the injectors which causes rough running and can be cleaned out with this stuff. Don't bother with cleaner you see in the shops as it's not strong enough. However, it won't cure damaged or worn injectors as James says. Injectors no longer last the life of the car and should be seen as consumables. All I am suggesting is you give cleaning a try before resorting to more expensive remedies.
  2. Have you heard Mitsubishi have dropped the EVO? They are going to do a performance SUV instead.
  3. If you are seriously injured you don't move. Sure sign of faking and should be sent off. They then need to be sent onto a rugby game and endure that for half an hour. Big wooftas.
  4. Bad news :( The place never feels the same after the !Removed! have been all over it.
  5. You could just leave it in as you may go back to them again or another insurer that can use it.
  6. Mark not all Mk7's have 4 in the front. My Zetec has 6. 4 front and 2 rear. It depends on what model of the (non Sony) ICE you have. The lower powered ones only had the fronts.
  7. You need to report these people. They are clearly scamming you.
  8. Just realised it's not an ST but who cares it's still a lovely new car.
  9. Hope it's no-one on here :( A driver had his brand new Ford Fiesta stolen after a carjacker placed a 'slow' sign in the middle of the road. The thief pounced early in the morning when Matthew Witts was forced to step out of his car to move the obstruction. The carjacker ran out of nearby bushes, jumped in the car and hit the accelerator almost running Mr Witts over.
  10. Have a look for firetext. It uses a sim to tell your phone.
  11. Classic. Race Mode and hit the car behind :D :D
  12. Agree with Allan. Check your oil levels and always get a second opinion. If it was major it would be on the floor and/or a lot more would evident in the engine bay. It's not unusual for some garages to make sure some oil is found.........
  13. You have to hand it to the guy. He gets a warning then just goes out and sticks 2 fingers up to Johnny Foreigner again ! This time he has been driving around Argentina filiming for the new Top Gear with a reg plate reading H982 FKL (1982 Falklands). But of course it was pure coincidence! Yeah right. :D
  14. Just my thoughts on this James for you. The other driver may try and deny responsibility-they all do- but he won't get anywhere obviously so don't worry about that. I think you mentioned pre-existing neck injury. It's possible any compensation payment may be reduced because the solicitors for the other side will argue that this collision just exasperated what was already there and didn't actually cause it. Your video of the Corsa driver on a different day may not be permissible as evidence any more than saying someone must be guilty of murder because they had killed someone before. It's likely they will only accept evidence from the day in question. Anyway, whatever the outcome I hope it's in your favour and get sorted quickly. :)
  15. That reminds me. I need some new rubber gloves and a pot of Vaseline......