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  1. Face Plate For Single-Din Stereo

    Hello mate, sorry its a day late but here you go, a double din dose look better i never had one mate did and looked better due to it taking up the whole space and didn't look to after market.
  2. Face Plate For Single-Din Stereo

    Hello mate, the adaptor I put in my 07 focus was the outlet on top for the head unit and a storage shelf on the bottom, have to admit was nothing special but at the same time it's ok, as for you'r wiring IOS if you look around all you need is the model of the car and age due to all after market head units having the same pin layout at the back, I didn't have mine set-up with the stalk so I can't help you with that but you can have the adaptor if you like I'll post a picture tomorrow after work when I'm on computer all be needed to sort out is p&p if you like it.
  3. Where Is Everyone From?

    Ballaugh, isle of man
  4. Adding A Subwoofer To The Focus Titanium (Sony)

    All we need now is a simple power supply, spare tyre out and sorted. Wonder with that IOS would we have the same problem of the bass reducing the head unit must be turning down the bass db so as david said to stop any distortion happening.
  5. Looking At Tdcis Tomorrow, 1.6 Or 1.8?

    Hello mate and welcome, I had the same car as you only difference it was black, what do you call good mpg as I could never get anything over 36mpg thing drove me mad haha.
  6. Adding A Subwoofer To The Focus Titanium (Sony)

    David if you could let us know that would be great as I had a 1400RMS sub in my last focus and how I do miss a fat bass line, as we all know from our mk3s when volume is a above 18 or so the bass just dose not exist, good loud treble and middle having said that.
  7. Puddle Lights On Wing Mirrors Why Did Ford Delete Them

    They are for you to see if there is a !Removed! sleeping up against your door, which gives you time to get the baseball bat out of the boot without waking him up. On a serious note I kinda agree with wick not much point as the amount of lights that come on any way when I unlock the car its like Christmas
  8. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    My bad, haha.
  9. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Chris (catch) hate to sound like anyone's mum hear like but you've only had your ecoboost for two minuets, why the change of heart now if I may ask?? I drove the ecoboost before I got my 1.6 tdci and I tell you what that engine (ecoboost) is magic and that's an understatement.
  10. Bluetooth Streaming New Focus

    Yer just done the update for my iPod and her iPhone and as E+B said I'll second that, hope next update lets you get artwork.
  11. New Focus Sat Nav

    Sorry ment £500 flipping iPod.
  12. New Focus Sat Nav

    Hello Brism i would guess it will not include the rear view cam as it's an optional extra of £250 on the new fiesta, so if you take £250 of the £750 its like getting the Sony nav for £400 which in turn makes it a cheaper unit than the standard ford nav unit, so that's why I can't seeing it include a cam.
  13. Front Priv Glass Done !!

    You will get a few bubbles at first for a day or so due to the film needing to dry out, any good tinting company will replace the film or money back if there are bubbles after a week or so, another good thing with tints that are filmed (some are dipped if you spec priv class from factory) the film holds together the class in a car crash situation resulting in less chance of being blinded and saving time for you local highway agency clean up time, everyone's a winner
  14. Front Priv Glass Done !!

    Sorry didnt realise commenting on someone else's post was against the online law, thanks for the heads up thought yer.
  15. Front Priv Glass Done !!

    You two cry me a flipping river would you, he wants to tint his windows then let him I'm sure he knows the risks and it ant hardly chavtastic look at me tints is it.