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  1. MK1 central locking

    I'll try the battery tomorrow. Radio code in hand!
  2. MK1 central locking

    Hi all, A couple of mornings ago I tried unlocking my car with the remote button and nothing happened. Tired a few times and then it finally unlocked (thought the fob battery might be running low). Got to work and it locked fine. Fast forward to the next evening (yesterday) and when I went to lock the car it would automatically unlock itself. (Was over 30C here yesterday - linked?). Then move forward to this morning and it stays locked when I press the fob, all apart from the drivers door. Same when I unlock. I have to put the key in for the drivers door, which doesn't do the other 3 doors. Some random events over the last 3 days. Not sure if there's something linking all of these or what. Ideas? I'm thinking of disconnecting the battery and resetting the car this weekend. Is that worth while or completely useless for the above? Thanks in advance!
  3. MK1 - Heavy steering and pedals

    Thinking about it, would a slightly sticky brake cause something like this? I had sticky brakes before and replaced the pads, discs etc (no heavy steering from what I remember, though).
  4. MK1 - Heavy steering and pedals

    In that case it maybe just a me being paranoid. I can't feel anything by the pedals, seems as clear as normal.
  5. Hi all, As of yesterday the steering in my MK1 Focus seems to have got a a bit heavier. I'm not having to put much effort into turning, pretty much the same as usual but there's definitely a weight on it. Also, the pedals seem to feel heavy as well. Not sure if that's the correct way of mentioning it but they seem harder than usual. I checked my power steering fluid level, that's right at the top. The car still drives in a straight line and breaks in a straight line. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!
  6. Flashing odometer

    I did a dash test yesterday (while idling) and couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. No DTC codes etc. A couple of years ago I did have a cluster issue with the needles but WD40 worked a treat since. Do you think it may need re-doing? I'll get the battery checked in a day or two when possible and check any connections.
  7. Flashing odometer

    Did it match all of the above? And did you have a battery check before changing?
  8. Flashing odometer

    Nope, the dials are working as normal. There doesn't appear to be any loss of power. Wipers, windows etc still working at the same speed.
  9. Flashing odometer

    Hi, I've had a look around the forums and can't seem to find anything that matches my issues. A few close issues but not quite the same. This week I've noticed that when I turn the ignition and power off on my MK1 Focus the odometer has started flashing (seems random durations apart from each other). The green backlight doesn't flash, simply the mile counters as if I'm running the dashboard test. Does anyone know what this may be linked to and if it will cause any issues? It's fine all the time I'm driving and stays lit while my lights are on. Only when it's off there appears to be an issue. Thanks in advance.
  10. MK1 speedo with DTC codes

    Thanks. If I got the VSS done that should fix the speedo but may still dash. I could live with that. Does the dashes generally lead to further issues if not sorted? Their the codes that appeared when I tapped through the test mode on the dash.
  11. MK1 speedo with DTC codes

    Yeah, aha. I only found out earlier. Hold down the trip button on your dashboard for 10 seconds, turn to position 2, keep holding down then fire the car up. Keep pressing the mile reset button until 0000.0 (turns out that is a digital speedo!)
  12. Hi, Recently my MK1 Focus' speedo has started to die and return to life during a drive, I did post before about this but the entire dash used to die (fixed with WD40 2 years ago - good as new since). All other dials etc work, it's just the speedo going in and out. I've just drove home in test mode and the digital speedo dies when the needle does. I've read this helps confirm it's a VVS issue. The two DTC codes I have are 123 and 041. Finally, the ABS light sometimes comes on (if the needle doesn't return after a few minutes and the milage lines out ---- ---). Does this all look like a VVS as cluster works? Thanks!
  13. MK1 Battery light

    UPDATE: Got the alternator changed and we're all good! Since being changed the revs have gone back to idling normally and not sticking.
  14. MK1 Battery light

    Just had it checked. The battery was slightly low and the alternator is also slightly low on the power it's giving. So going to swap the alternator. From memory it's a Platinum silver battery. Not sure if this linked to the higher revs in neutral but the Battery light is the main concern at the moment. Thanks
  15. MK1 Battery light

    Yup, the dials all sweep and run without any issues. I'll take it to the garage tomorrow - I got the battery Jan 2014. Thanks.