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  1. Happy Birthday robfiestared!

  2. evening all soz i havent been on here for ages some off you might remmember me as having a red fiesta mark 4 efi with lowering springs and halo front lights and rear leds but now i dont have i have got a zetec-s mark 5 in the probaly the best colour imp blue
  3. hiya all i was looking at a strut brass for my 1.3 efi encore fiesta year 1997 it was a etech one t3 model because in my engine its got the efi bit in the way and the not sure if it will go on all right can anyone help please
  4. hiya mate yeah they will fit in your car because me have got the same in mine they look nice mate :)
  5. thanks mark and dan for the information yeah i agree with you both but sierrayankee dont want HIDs just want brighter bulbs thats all :)
  6. thanks for that :)
  7. i have changed my front lights to aftermarket angel eyes on my fiesta mark 4 i belive you cant change the allignment of the lights with the switch inside do they need to get them alligned because i ve been told it could possibly fail on the mot as ive got it coming up help please peeps :)
  8. on the angel eyes on my car is possible to take off the glass lens without breaking them to clean the inside off them help please :)
  9. hiya mate thanks for the information me got my car done in the end your right handles alot off better
  10. yeah i got some as well they are good as for putting them on its easy make sure you its nice and clean before applying them :)
  11. my ford fiesta mark 4 coming up to a year that ive owned it me loves it me is hoping to get a mark 5 zetec s next as i want somthing quicker :D
  12. hiya all just got some angel eyes for my fiesta mark 4 the dipped lights on my angel eyes are not bright enough does any one know what wattage bulbs i can put in them :)
  13. hiya all me thinking about lowering me car on lowering springs 35mm or 40mm ive also got 15inch alloys with low profile tyres on them is this ok with the drop as i dont want them rubbing on the tyres and what springs could u anyone recommend rob
  14. hiya take your car back to the garage where u got it from an say to them about the safety feature ie regarding your kids in the back and see if they will sort it out for you thats all i can suggest hope this will help u rob
  15. afternoon mate yes u can take the fiesta badge off it will leave a mark but u can get rid of the mark after its off