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  1. Hello again, I've just got the bill in for the work doen and it's come out at £370!! My man at the garage has said that Ford have charged £220-00 plus VAT for the Eloys fluid (they've said it's only available in 5litre cans). Does this sound right to anyone!!!???
  2. 'Here to help mate, you know what they say, what comes round goes round. The reset it just, resetting the eloys additive injection counter in the ECU. The cost is included in the figures I quoted earlier. As to washing DPF's out, well I've heard of some peeps trying it, but I would not waste your time. Because the DPF for the Focus 1.6 TDCi is a DPF/CAT combo. Bite the bullet mate, hell likely hood is six/seven years from now you wont even own the car. So you wont have to face replacing the DPF again. And think on, compared to petrol, you'll be saving a fortune in fuel over the years to come. You've then just to keep your fingers crossed your DMF does not decried to go "walk about"' Ah OK, so that's all built into the £250-00; I should probably clarify that the top up and regen is to be done by my independent guy who is also able to reprogram the ECU. I think you're spot on with biting the bullet, I just wish I could get in touch with my garage to let him know; I'm just waiting for the inevitable call from him to tell me it hasn't worked and I'll have an additional £500-00 bill coming my way I've just googled DMF and broke into a cold sweat :o .......thanks for that Thanks for all your advice again Catch. The DPF technically "can" be cleaned out, I have heard of some people who managed to pressure wash the cack out of it, and then use the filter for a good few thousand miles before it packed up. aside the environmental implications its not really adviseable, but it theoretically can be done. The ECU most likely will require a reset, as once the DPF has been replaced then the car may well need to be told about it, and also get the car out of limp home mode and clear any errors assosciated with it, unfortunately that would come with the diagnostics cost + vat, tends to be around the £60 + VAT mark, but its dealer dependant. Hi Jeebo, for the sake of a few thousand miles it doesn't seem worth it really and, being something of a wooly environmentalist, if cleaning it out will cause a problem in that area it's just another tick in the column to replace. If money truely is no object to you then you can just buy the DPF, or just buy a nice shiny really new Focus, with either CDPF or Petrol :) lol Sadly, in reality, I'm just a poor boy....... :P Thanks for your help with this've done your good deeds for the day!
  3. Catch That has been incredibly helpful thanks a million; you'd have thought buying from a Lease company would have ensured all work was carried out in full *sigh*. I'm confident that there is a forced regeneration incorporated into that price and trust the guy implicitly, I was just a bit confused as I could see the prices of the fluid for myself online; forced regen would explain the price tag. Just a couple more things! Do you know if the DPF needs to be replaced or can it be cleaned out? And, if the ECU has to be reprogrammed by a Ford Dealer any guess on price for that? It's a good job that money is no object to me.........! Thanks again.
  4. Morning all, Hope someone may be able to clear something up for me. I bought a 2006 Focus TDCi 1.6 last year with a full service history - mileage at purchase was 95k is now at 105k. Have had the requisite nightmare with DPF, clearly didn't do enough homework here, and, after the car went into limp mode, I have just been advised by an independent garage that the Eloys fluid is empty and will cost me about £250-00 for a complete refill. They also mentioned that it should have been done as part of the 72k service. So, I dutifully contact the Ford garage where all servicing has been undertaken and they advise me that the additive was not topped up as this is an 'optional component' of the service. Looking at the service schedule this does not seem to be the case. The garage are insistent and have agreed to provide confirmation in writing. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is the case? The DPF was not been changed either at 72k, can anyone confirm whether this is something that I will HAVE to have done and, if so, whether I'm better off just getting it back on the road with tis 'top up' and getting shot of it. The guy who has the car at the moment thinks the top up should ensure all is OK until the end of the car's life . Sorry to waffle but any help would be greatly appreciated.