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  1. Hi ya My 2003 (52) Mondeo has started to play up the Engine Management light came and started to splutter. this was at night when the Headlights where on. I drove it around during the day with no trouble. Then the Management light went out all was OK until I drove it at night and started to splutter again. Its OK with sidelights and Fog lights on, only plays up when Headlights on.. any ideas.. apart from just driving during the day. Thanks Barry
  2. Mondeo 2.0 Zetec

    mintalkin ...Many Thanks for your reply... is there a way to bypass this or is it a trip to the garage.
  3. Took my car out got about 500 yds away and it stalled on me. tried bumping & jump starting it but it still wondnt go.. Ignition lights come on when you turn the key but dosent crank over. any ideas please. someone said it could be the imoboliser or the key? thanks
  4. New to site

    Hi Everyone new to the FOC... nice to find this site hope to make friends and have a chat