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  1. How do you delete an accidental double post?
  2. When I had problems with my Ford, I contacted Ford uk customer service and after a few days they got in touch. They assigned a customer service rep to my case and regularly called to check on progress. There had been a problem where the dealership had been refused an expensive part by Ford uk until further testing has been carried out. The cs rep made sure that there was really good communication going on and expedited the whole process. It seems they do care but you just got to take that extra step of involving Ford directly. I found that in my case the issue had been mentioned on this forum and mentioning this forum did appear to help my cause as it would go to prove that I want alone with my problem. Good luck bootsy, looks like it will get sorted now, they certainly turned my frown upside down when customer services got involved. Seems they don't like unhappy customers :-)
  3. Hi, just bought a Fiesta 1.4 Mk7 Titanium a few weeks ago and what a surprise it is. I had a 406 for years and a ZX before that so leaving the french behind me and into a 'little' car. Fingers crossed this is a long and happy relationship! Now... where is the food???