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  1. Happy Birthday pea!

  2. i personally dont see an issue :/
  3. i have a non turbo 1.8d, i was wondering what problems (if any) i would come across if i added one
  4. okay cool im only looking for help with my van tbh it'll be the first real project ive ever done
  5. no i was just asking to see if you new a few fez owners that live in my area
  6. nice :) where abouts are you from?
  7. both of them? what have you got? any pics atal
  8. is your fiesta modified?
  9. ill do that :) thanks for the help
  10. but what ford would have shorter shocks? the ka possibly?
  11. so id have to buy new shocks? would i get them specifically for my mk
  12. ive been informed that its similar to the caddy susp but the pic isin my other post im new if you want to take a look all help is greatly appreciated
  13. i think the plates are the best idea not too keen on flipping the axle
  14. that'll be greatly appreciated thank you :)
  15. not from what i can see but i havent had the time to take the wheel off yet and have a proper look.