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  1. Hi all, I have a 2008 2.0 TDCI, which I purchased just under 3 months ago. Over the last few weeks, on a couple of occasions, it has thrown an Engine Malfunction and gone into limp mode with the ESP light illuminated. Reading the code in test mode, it has a C41668 in DTC01, no other codes are present. Restarting the engine clears the malfunction, and the cars seems fine again. I've not been able to find much information about this code, but from what I can gather: C41668 = U0416-68 U0416 = Invalid Data Received From Vehicle Dynamics Control Module 68 = DTC Failure Subtype Definition for failure Category "6". Event information - This subtype is Used by the Control module to Indicate the Detection of a System That event caused by WAS Not the Control module Itself BUT Forces the Control module to store a DTC (EG Functionality missing from Another System / Control module). I'm not completely sure what this means, but more importantly, I'm not sure what the resolution would be. Can anyone offer any insight please? Thanks, Lee