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  1. Starter Solenoid

    Hi I bought a 1.8tdci smax last year and have had endless problems with it. In April the clutch & flywheel (only 45k on the car) had to be replaced in my local ford garage, it was running well after that, then 2 days ago the car wouldnt start, turn the key radio, lights all worked and nothing happened. After an hour of cursing and checking battery cables it finally started. I dropped it into another ford garage I happened to be passing the following day for a quick check to see if they could find what the problem was. It turns out the starter solenoid was cross threaded which broke the starter, they also said a bracket was missing from the exhaust which has cause a pipe to bend and is now leaking. They recon the damage was all caused when the clutch & flywheel were being replaced. I got back onto the first garage and they are saying they didnt touch the starter, to me it seems like they are just trying to talk their way out of it. I spoke to other mechanics who are familiar with smax's and they have all said the remove the starter solenoid. Is it possible to change the clutch and flywheel without removing the starter solenoid? Thanks Busa