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  1. CD Player Problem

    I am not sure what model it is, and my partner is out in the car so I cannot check. I was given a card with the keycode on,when I bought the car from a dealership, which I put in using the buttons 1-4 that are normally used to preset the channels. That bit I understand, it is then what to press to actually enter the code that I have displayed. I pressed 5 but nothing happened, so tried 6, which then told me to wait 30 mins. My instruction manual says that I only have 10 tries before it locks me out, so I am a little scared to try too many things without knowing what I am doing.
  2. CD Player Problem

    Having recently changed my Battery, I need to enter the Keycode to allow my Radio/CD Player to work again. I have the keycode, but the instructions tell me to then press SELECT to enter the code. I do not have SELECT. When trying other keys, I then get the message that I have to wait 30mins to try again. Can anyone please help me. Thanks.