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  1. I have just replaced this resistor on my 03 Focus. As you say, it's behind the glovebox. i's just about as far awy from you as possible on the right hand side. The original was blue (making it easier to see) although the replacement from Ebay was black. There is a plug attached to the front that you need to remove first. There is one posidrive screw at the base. You will need a stubby screwdriver to fit it in. These is not much room and you have to work by feel as you can't see in at the same time. The screw is not captive so don't drop it. I used a bit of Blu Tak to hold the screw in place when I fitted the new part. Good Luck!
  2. I would advise caution here. Although WD40 is sometimes used for lubrication, it is not strictly a lubricant. In fact in some cases e.g. on chains and bearings, it is likely to flush any lubricant out and therefore should not be used. In the case of the pcb, I think that it's main function is as a cleaning and water repelant agent. It probably then forms a sealing film to keep further moisture out. In any case, 3 weeks later the fix is still working so I am hoping that it is permanent.
  3. Thanks Mike and Jebowhite. That looks like the correct interpretation. I found a fix on another forum for the instrument cluster problem. It seems that it is related to damp on the pcb. I'm not sure how long the fix will work for................... but it does work. Remove the trim from around the cluster. There are 4 or 5 posidrive screws at the top. The bottom is held by push in studs. It is a bit tricky to get these out without scratching the cluster front! There are 4 screws holding the cluster in place, remove these and swing the cluster round. The white connector on the back has a black locking lever (it's difficult to see how this works). Pull the lever away from the direction of the cables, over the little block. As this moves it will help push the connecor free. On the back of the cluster are 2 torx screws and some plastic loops. Remove these and remove the back to expose the pcb. Spray the pcb with WD40, I used a small brush to spread it over the back and clean the board. I put the unit in the airing cupbaord overnight, fitted it in the morning and found that it was OK. If it doesn't work for long it will be easy to replace it, they seem to be available new on the net for about £60. Better than paying Ford main dealer silly prices! :)
  4. I have just developed a problem with my 2003 Focus Mk1 Instrument Cluster. The lights work but the gauges work intermittently. The info here is helpful but I have a couple of questions, what are the VSS and the WS and where do I find the info on the diagnostic test. I read on another website about holding in the reset button (I assume this is the trip meter reset button) and turning on the ignition. Is this the test? When I do this there is no readout on the odometer. Can anyone help?