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  1. Yep in Downpatrick. It was in better nick than the proper tyres they had available and i'm on R plates (so I can't go above 45mph lol). I figured i'd keep an eye out for a proper one over the next couple of weeks. I'll keep it at the house and use the spacesaver to get to the garage to repair the puncture/home to replace the wheel if if the tyre can't be repaired :)
  2. Got a space saver wheel in good nick (only used once) with a brace, jack and four spare nuts for £20 :D
  3. Hi jeebowhite :D Thanks for getting back to my enquiry so quickly, I really apprecaite your advice. I rang the dealer who advised me I should buy a full size spare wheel measuring 175/65/14 in order to be the same size as the ones on the car. I was adviosed that the 14 (inches) is the rim size. They have confirmed that the car had a specific space for the wheel and that it will take this size. I am glad I rang as I thought 15" was the standard size - I am clueless!! I will get onto some breakers asap and see how I get on. I'm collecting my car on Thursday so i'm all excited LOL Thanks again, Belfast Chick.
  4. Hi all. I am new to the driving world and would appreciate any help you can offer :) I have ordered a Ford Fiesta from England. I collect it in a couple of days. I have since discovered it doesn't come with a spare wheel. It comes with a puncture repair kit instead. This is my first car. The dealer is trying to charge me a couple of hundred quid for a spare wheel (plain steel 15" wheel, not alloys), the brace and the jack. I am buying a three year extended warranty at £470 and he will still not give me a reduction on the wheel kit. Where can I get a cheaper full size spare wheel? What size is a full size steel wheel on a 2011 fiesta expressed like xxx/xx/15? Thanks very much.