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  1. Ford Fiesta Toad Alarm Problem

    Hi, I have a Toad alarm on my fiesta (fitted by previous owner) and i'm having a few problems with it. The alarm is supposed to beep 5 times when locking the vehicle, but recently it has only been beeping once. I then have to wait for the alarm to go off before it resets itself, or wait for about an hour before it will work properly. I'm not sure which model of alarm it is, but it has a green fob with two larger buttons (to lock and unlock) and two smaller buttons (unsure of what they do). Any help or advice would be appreciated. Sam.
  2. Fez GTR Replica

    Just bought my GTR replica, originally a studio so nice and cheap on the insurance as i'm only 18. Thinking about putting original face-lift headlights back on, what do you guys think?