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  1. Can You Add Power Fold Mirrors To 2006 Model

    would be really interested to hear if you are successful in doing this modification as i would love to do it on my 58 plate zetec as my friends mondeo has the function and i think its a brilliant idea as my other cars wingmirrors get smashed quite frequently wen not pushed in by the wife.
  2. Windows

    tried doing the reset and it does not make any difference.o well would have being nice but guess its not to be.
  3. Windows

    hi i have just bought a 1.6 zetec 58 plate and was wonderign does this not have the function of pressing and holding the unlock/lock button and putting the windows up/down??
  4. How To..

    I am looking at purchasing the push start button and replacing the pointless cigar lighter socket next to the handbrake can anyone explain how this is done?
  5. Zetec S Question

    can this be done in a basic zetec as i really hate that socket next to the handbrake without the cover.