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  1. Hi All I have a Mk3 2.0 TDCI 130 Zetec S 2003 "53 plate" Im having severe knocking vibrations from the engine when the clutch is depressed. I dont know whether to replace the DMF and Clutch in a garage as I know it will be quite expensive, or do I just have the car taken away and get a new one? Any ideas how much garages charge to fit the unit alone? or to supply and fit? rough prices? Anyone know of any places where I can get them from as a pair for cheap? Thanks guys
  2. Hi All :) I finally purchased my first ever Ford :) Basically I got a few problems at the moment. There is a knocking noise coming from the front left wheel area. I took it to the garage and they said it was the Top Mount, so i changed that. Noise went for about 6 hours but then came back! So I took it back and they said the Drop Link was worn, So they changed that and now its still there! So now they said they think its the wrong spring on the car? Does this sound correct? There is definitely something wrong with that side of the car because the tracking is out and its wearing that wheel quite fast! Thanks for all support
  3. Hi everyone :) First of all I'm new to the forum, I'm Ryan :) I shall apologise now if I have posted this in the wrong topic or anything! I'm looking at buying my first Ford as of tomorrow and just looking for some hints of you all thahave dealt with the Mondeo :) I'm looking at a 2002 Mondeo TDCI 130 zetec s It's done 130,000 which I appreciate is a lot FSH and receipts etc etc. What are the most commons faults with the car? Anything I could physically check? Thanks ever so much Ryan