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  1. Ipod connecting to ford radio

    I use a Griffin Itrip... You can pick them up for about £10... You plug it into the bottom of you Ipod and tune both your itrip and your stereo to a "free" channel frequency and voila! Ipod plays through your stereo... Can't recommend them enough, brilliant piece of kit! You can get them at Amazon... Here
  2. Hi all... Done a search and looked through various topics but couldn'd find an answer to my question so apologies if this has already been talked about. I have recently bought an 06 1.6 Ghia and would like to know if the cruise control buttons on the steering wheel should "light up" when the lights are on. Mine don't obviously but every other car (even my GF new Punto) it seems has lights for the audio controls etc... it just seems a bit naff that Ford wouldn't do this either? Thanks in advance.