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  1. hi everyone, i had this problem 3 weeks ago. i've had my mondeo for about 6 months and after a few weeks looking for a caravan and a towbar it was time to venture north for a week with the 2 dogs, the cat, the bearded dragon and the kids and wife and it was all fine apart from the black smoke when i put the foot down, then 30 miles from home and the car just died,,,,, no warning, it just died. i managed to freewheel into a layby and tried to start it, after about 2 seconds of turning it over the coil light started to flash and the car wouldn't start at all. i tried every 5 minutes for about 30 mins to get it started but no luck. i called a friend and asked him for a diagnosis,, at first he thought i'd slipped a tooth on the chain and knocked the timing out, this sent me into Ground open up and swallow me mode. anyway he had a car i could borrow and set on his way to me. i tried again to start the car and it fired up. i met him and changed cars and set of for a holiday. he called me and said it was the cam sensor and replaced it. after returning home i swapped cars back and noticed an increase in acceleration. i looked into this further and he said it had a fault with the egr valve but the fault had gone when the cam sensor was replaced, i decided to take the egr valve off and it was clogged up big style, it took 2 cans of cleaner to dissolve the carbon from it and its made a big difference to the car now,, i can hear a nice little whistle from my turbo now when i lift my foot from giving it revs and the power kicks in before 2000 revs now, before it was 2800 before any power was felt. i do have to take the caravan for a pull now and see if the car will give up again, here's hoping