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  1. Steel Wheels

    Hi, guys. I live in Scotland. And so thought it's the snow tyre time again. After reading all your post I thought I had nothing to do but phone a scrappy and pick up a set of 15" steel wheels. BE WARNED , look now , I've just had to put out a national search. They are very difficult to get. Also kwik fit quoted me £98 approx for continental tyres, Costco £100 for mitchelin both fully fitted. Anyone this year found cheaper places to fit?
  2. Can u get a USB fitted in retrospect? How easy is it?
  3. I can't get my iphone4 to sync with the car, any advice no USB only a jack
  4. Fuel Ecconomy

    Thanks. My average speed was 6.1. Lol got it up to 43.8 today with coasting down the hills. Average speed did go up to 16.1.
  5. Trip Meter

    Thanks, I had a 17yr old transit before this lol it had a button.
  6. Help Me Please!

    I hate them, they're to quiet. As a horse rider, you can't always here them behind you then the horse and you spook! Which is !Removed! dangerous on country roads.
  7. Fuel Ecconomy

    Serviced at 12000 miles. It's only done 12500 now. Lol don't know what the correct tyre pressure is. Had an old transit before this.
  8. Fuel Ecconomy

    It's from outskirts if the city into the countryside. It's up and down hills and there is four roundabouts and five sets of lights before that. Only a six mile journey. I find to keep it under 2000 revs I have to change up within a couple of mins. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Fuel Ecconomy

    Thanks, it's start stop all the way and no speeding up to lights , the average speed is6.1 moh! Trying to keep it under 2000 rev but it's nit easy and constantly up n down the box.
  10. Fuel Ecconomy

    How do I improve the mpg in a 2008 fiesta I only get 37.8 mpg?
  11. Trip Meter

    Got a fiesta 2008, no manuals. How do I work the trip meter as all I get is the fuel whi h says I only get 37.8 mpg?