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  1. Engine Cutting Out

    i had a mate look at it and he said it might be the air mass sensor? but there is a fuel rich smell coming from the exhaust when it is running plus the idle runs high aswell sometimes. it alternates between problems sometimes itll run the idle high others itll cut out completely but i personally havnt smelt my exhaust fumes running rich but its sucked my fuel like an alcoholic drinks booze.
  2. Hi, My engine, 1.8 zetec ford focus, cuts out when i put the clutch down and am rolling to a stop. I have changed the Fuel vacuum hose as that had a hole in and i thought it was that but it still hasnt stopped. I had a look at my distributor cap and the HT leads and one of them has a green powder on it and the spark plugs have a brown sticky glue like substance on them. which of these could it be? it has become really annoying because i cant go for a drive without this happening. Any help would be very much appreciated.