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  1. Slight Shudder When Braking And Clutch In!

    Thanks for the link, anad all the answers guys, will give it a go! will post on how i get on, Thanks, Andy
  2. Slight Shudder When Braking And Clutch In!

    The clutch pedal is fine and the bite is relatively high but dont think its 'too' high. Not too good on cars and have never screwed around with anything so wheres the idle valve and what should i do about it? Andy
  3. Hey guys, i bought my focus not long ago and have recently noticed that when i put me clutch in and brake (coming up to traffic lights or something), the revs will just dip under the amount they should and they car will slightly shudder as if its going to stall, its not much but just wanted some feedback about it as i dont know what it is, i have the 02 model focus Chic, 1.6 16v, Thanks chaps