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  1. So when u say will not replace the key, stage one is like audio yeah, and stage 2 is where ur electrics come on, then the last one ignites the car? Instead of turning the key to 3 u just push the button yh?? Imma one click away from buying myself on! :D and I'd defo use this guide :P!!!
  2. DUUUUUUUUde how did u manage to take off the bottem bt of the centre console?? been trying for a while and i have no idea how it comes off =/ mind helping me out please?? :)
  3. ! Guide ! Changing Springs On Fiesta Mk7

    eibech are a ford approved company so it shouldnt affect the warrenty... but does this also apply for coilovers or is it a completely different story??
  4. Fitting Fiesta Mk7 Coilovers

    aha nice one dude... many thanks
  5. Fitting Fiesta Mk7 Coilovers

    Has anyone got a guide or anything on how to fit coilovers to a mk7 zetec S? :) i wanna do it myself as workshops have offered me like 400 fitting -.- its sooooo bad lol but we made an agreement that i can use there work show and tool and i get to fit them myself, but the thing is i have no idea how to lol, if anyone had a guide or knows how to please can you PM me or email me on connordavis@hotmail.co.uk :) many thanks guys