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  1. Hi All , Looking for some advice the starter motor needs erplacing on My Mondeo MK3 Tddi , Im looking on the easiest method anyone has used to remove the old one has it seems really fiddly Thanks in advance Gareth
  2. Hi all , I've got a 2001 Y Ford Fiesta Freestyle 1.25 3 door , I've had the car for three years it has been in storage for year and half , Ive had a quick look underneath before taking it for MOT and appears to have rusted through what i think might be called the chassis rail , ( It runs from rear bumper to rear axel area near rear wheel ) I'm not sure whether its worth repairing or just weight the car in Ive attached a picture of the rusted section Thanks in Advance Gareth and the car
  3. hi all im a newbie on here will add into intro section later Interested in Buying a mk3 Mondeo that ive seen advertised its had a prank on front and the damage resulting is the headlight is cracked and wing slightly dented , the car is a 2 hour drive from me so asked a freind of mine who live near the car to have a look friday ( which he's planning to do ) the owner has emailed me and said the steering is heavy on it ( i was wondering if the belt may have slipped off or snapped ? ) also petrol dripping from pipe near petrol tank ? Is there any comman fault on these that my friend should check for me before making a deal ? The car also has full service history up to 2007 and tax till sept 09 Any advice would be aprechiated Gareth ;)