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  1. Window Tinting

    Yeah I noticed that some look like vans. Mine is a silver fiesta so dont really mind having dark windows probs about 15% I would imagine would look ok
  2. Window Tinting

    Thank you guys thats a massive help, will have to get some quotes then and see what prices people can come up with :)
  3. Window Tinting

    Thank you well you never know could be taking the Queen to my house for tea or something lol. I have noticed that a lot of the tinting on fiestas isnt too dark. Whereas i wanted something a bit darker. I know you cant go too dark with the law requirement thing. But would like them pretty dark.
  4. Window Tinting

    Hi I am a newbie I have a ford fiesta zetec Was wondering how much did you guys end up paying to have your windows tinted. And what shades did you choose. Post pics if you like to show the differences. I am wanting mine done on my car but not sure what shade to have and an idea of the cost. Thanks in advance :)