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  1. I'm currently one of 12 contenders test driving the 2012 Ford Focus Titanium TDCi for 6 weeks. And although I would LOVE your votes to win my Ford Focus, I thought at the same time, you may be interested in some of the blogs and video reviews I've been doing in the past few weeks while test driving my Ford Focus. I'm currently placing 2nd out of the 12 contenders, with 10 days to go. If I make it to 1st place in time, I WIN my car! I'm Mother of 2 kids, living in Brisbane (Queensland) One of my recent videos was about the self park feature. To see my blogs/reviews, and also to vote, visit: (you can vote once per day PER device/computer) Also, if you want to see a 'non-serious' video of myself trying to get some public support, check out my youtube video: And if you just want more info, or want to contact me, I do have a facebook page (to do with the Ford Focus comp): And if you want to keep track of the leaderboard, here's the link: Thanks so much for your help. xx