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  1. Hello, I have noticed that our candy red car is very prone to stone chips and with only 4.5k on the floor there are quite a number of them. I presume there is no easy way to avoid them but is the best repair method the official Ford paint stick. Any ideas? Cheers, James.
  2. Thats pretty decent economy glad to hear that
  3. No I guess not but didn't think it would be 15% or so out. The Scirocco can get 36-37mpg reasonably easily. Although I am sure I heard someone with a MK3 diesel was only getting 45mpg so it seems maybe a Ford exaggeration thing.
  4. Well despite driving it sedatley its only returned 41.5mpg once I filled up and worked it out with a calculator. That's on over 400 miles despite the computer recording 44.6mpg. I would be interested to see how Ford think 47.1mpg is possible on a combined as mine was recorded over what I would have thought was a fairly typical combined cycle. Its not that much better than my Scirocco which has 265bhp and quite a bit worse the Grande Punto diesel it replaces despite having an almost identical official figure. Dissapointing! Its done 4400 miles now and about 650 since I picked it up.
  5. I agree I am very pleased with the sat nav. Ours was a demo so wasn't particularly wanting sat nav but its already proving very useful. The stereo is also very good although the speakers in the back vibrate a bit with bass up. Not sure if the Sony system would correct that.
  6. Apologies I missed quoted I was trying to reply the earlier comments about 47.9 not being acheiveable .
  7. I'm getting 45 out of mine average. Not the fastest on the road but I make progress. But your right the diesel will obviously better than that. However, having moved from a diesel its so smooth and refined.
  8. Chris like yous didnt remember it was the X. Just went out in my wife's Ecoboost as she is out tonight and its great. Then I drove my Scirocco R which is also great after I've been driving a Grande Punto for the last two weeks!
  9. Chris , snap! Its identical! Looks fab chips away friend liked it charging £60 for both wheels!
  10. Cheers guys. Yes I am happy with the car. I guess my standards are high but so should they be the car only is only 4 months old! My cars are always perfect even our 4 year old Punto so I was a bit annoyed. But I know someone who I trust who can make the wheels right quickly so all in all I got a good deal and I love the colour and spec even the nav is better than expected but nowhere near as good as my Scirocco but that was £1300 I think. The stupid thing is they had the chance to fix it for much lower than the £150 extra I got off. Bit idiotic really. Chris - you must be well excited two weeks today!
  11. Well I picked up the car saturday and it goes well. After 3 trains and 4 hours I was very dissapointed to see a badly kerbed front drivers alloys and kerbing on the back passenger wheel as well as a small mark on two of the doors. I was a bit cross considering I got told it was absolutley perfect and that anything would be put right. Front 50 feet I could see the front wheel. Anyway I got abother £150 off so will get the wheels repaired locally at about £50 each. They can't have made much on the car at £15,950 though. Other than that it was a nice smooth journey home. Thought the ride was much harder than i remembered but then they were all at 2.8 bar not 2.1!!! Any question's give me a shout. James.
  12. Hi all, Managed to get a Candy Red Titanium Ecoboost with 18" alloys, driver assistance pack, appearance pack and sat nav for £16,100 so off to collect it Saturday. Its done 3,500 miles. Pleased with the deal and thanks to all for your help. James.
  13. There are two in the right spec coming into stock. Is the 1k in addition to the £550 pcp contribution that drive the deal quote?
  14. So will the dealer be able to select from all Ecoboost stock? I guess there maybe a candy red one ot there. I'm also hoping to use the ambassador discount
  15. Is there an easy way to get a view of what stock cars would be available?