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  1. further research shows that ABS came as an optional extra on the mark 4, but its standard on the rs turbo
  2. hey, and thx for the reply mate, ive been looking high and low for info, and the only things i have came across is it has a amazing 63BHP (wow :-))and it dosen't have ABS unless you put it in yourself, abs was first put in cars in 1971? and i think that was a crysler, have to check my facts on that one.
  3. HI!, ive recently bought a gold 1.3l mk4 89 Escort Bonus. ive searched the internet for info on the car, but cant find it anywhere. i was wondering if anyone knows any of the following about this car. what i would like to know: -dose it have ABS? - comes as an optional extra (standard on rs turbo) -whats the difference between a standard model and the bonus? -its BHP? - 63 -is gold a standard colour? - yup, but not common -common faults and what to look out for - rusty battery tray, rear wheel bearings going, wipers not doing their job -anything else about the car would be awesome :-) thanks in advance, chris